Clere, Clair, Cleare, Clare……?

Clere Street is a turning off Tabernacle Street in Shoreditch, on the edge of the pre-1965 border between Finsbury and Shoreditch boroughs. It was previously called Paradise Street from c. … Read more

The Almshouses of Balls Pond Road

At Islington borough’s eastern edge, on the north side of Balls Pond Road, beyond the traffic bustle and behind railings, these old two-story buildings surround a tranquil green courtyard. They are … Read more

A Hawksmoor Masterpiece


Set in a tight site on a busy road in Bloomsbury, St. George’s towers over the street below. It is Grade I listed, so in the top 2.5% of protected … Read more

‘All dolled up’


This cute green cab shelter at the north west corner of Russell Square is one of 13 (out of an original 61) that still survive in London. They were instigated … Read more

The French Hospital

This discreet wall plate on a school in Bath Street, Finsbury commemorates the ‘French Hospital’, founded in 1718 close to the old City Pest House which housed sufferers from the … Read more

Shoreditch Park


This map is taken from Charles Booth’s Poverty Survey in around 1898. Booth walked the streets of late Victorian London, accompanied by a local policeman, then produced maps and notebooks … Read more

Churches of the past


This view, from around 1900, is looking south down Southgate Road N1 from near the junction with Englefield Road. The pub on the right is the Lord Raglan, now replaced … Read more

Whitbread Stables


Whitbread started brewing in Finsbury in 1742 and became very successful. By the late 1800s, they needed more stabling for their horses than they had room for at the huge … Read more

St. Mary’s Nunnery

St James Clerkenwell

This church in the photo is St. James Clerkenwell, built by a local architect, James Carr, in 1788-92. It lies on the same ground as the far more ancient buildings … Read more